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Stockholm EGP 2016
30 & 31 July

Phone: +46 720 165222

Registration to Stockholm EGP:
Send an email to
Where to stay? Here you can find living in Gamla stan and rest of Stockholm
Do you need help? Send Benkt an email:

Friday July 29th. 07:00 PM

Get together in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Information will come

Saturday July 30th 09:00 AM
Venue will come soon
Gamla Stan
Startfee: 200 SEK
Class IV: 15€, 120 SEK.
Debutants and Youths (under 15): 10€, 120 SEK

Saturday, July 30th: 
* The venue open 09:00 AM. 
* Breakfast will be served 09:00-09:30 AM.

* Registration 09:00-09:40 AM
* First round start 10:00 AM!
* Seven rounds playes at Saturday.
* Dinner together at the evening! (Read more about the dinner)

Sunday, July 31st:
* The venue open 08:30. 
* Breakfast will be served 08:30-09:00 AM  

* Round eight start 09:15 AM.
* Price cermony for all classes, except the EGP finalists around 13:00 PM.
* Lunch after round 11.
* Final and game about third place start after lunch.
* Price cermony for the finalists.

As normal Stockholm EGP have four price classes:
Class EGP and class 2-4. Every class depends at the WOC rating. 
Class EGP - all players
Class II - rating 2000 - 1801
Class III - rating 1800 - 1401
Class IV - Under 1400 - ....
Best three youth
Best three debutants
Team throphy: The thre best results from each team is counted.

Registration to Stockholm EGP:

Send an email to

Dinner Saturday eve Jyly 30..
Welcome to an Swedish Dinner!
It will be direct after the last round Saturday.
Iinformation will come soon-

Registered players :

Class I

2204 Sweden         Jeroen Everts
2155 France           Takuji Kashiwabara
2120 Sweden          Oskar Eklund
2064 Sweden          Niklas Wettergren
2058 Sweden          Daniel Turunen
2043 Netherlands   Roel Hobo
2042 Russia            Dmitry Atamanof 
2026 Sweden          Tintin Eng
2008 Sweden          Caroline Odsell
2002 Sweden          Markus Frönmark


Class II
1983 Sweden          Henry Aspenryd
1901 Sweden          Oscar Eriksson 
1863 Sweden         Göran Andersson
1861 Sweden         Christian Gårdebrink
1844 Sweden         Veronica Stenberg

Class III

1777 Sweden         Benkt Steentoft
1716  Italy             Luigi Puzzo
1693 Sweden         Jan Zemelka 
1604 Sweden         Arvid Kjellberg
1567 Sweden         Erik Johansson
1462 Sweden         Mattias Anefelt

Class IV

1341 Sweden         Björn Lind
1307 Sweden        Rikard Fahleson 
1257  Sweden        Jimmy Rönn 
1151 Sweden         Bo Hellgren
1061   Sweden        Roger Gehrke
New  Sweden        Sara Edlund
New  Sweden        Tommy Rönn